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Why Are Employees Not As Engaged In The Workplace?

Did you know that:

80% of employees are not engaged in the workplace.

73% of employees think about leaving their current job if a better offer was made.

33% of employees say they are bored in their main jobs and that is why they leave.

37% of employees want recognition from their managers.

29% of employees consider themselves happy with where they are in their role and the opportunities that are available to them to further their careers.

What is sad is that employees are the backbones to organizations and its success. 2+2=4, correct? If it were not for “employees”, businesses would not be in business, correct? So what is causing employee engagement not to be at 100%? And maybe the pandemic had a little impact on this, but… engagement is not just what the employee can do for the organization, but what the organization can do for the employee. Leaders, get to know your employees. Give them everything they need to be successful in their role and for the organization. Engage with them, encourage and support them, and most of all, recognize them. You’d be surprised of your return on THAT investment. And remember, they are the most valued asset!

Happy employees = better business outcomes = more profitability.


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