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HR Certification Prep

  • Are the What's HR? virtual classes recorded?
    Unfortunately, the virtual classes are not recorded.
  • Will there be enough time to ask questions during the training sessions?
    Absolutely! Collaboration during this course is key. Sharing HR experiences and asking questions helps everyone to learn. It is encouraged to ask questions to gain a better understanding. If for some reason there is not enough time during the session for you to ask your question, please contact the instructor directly at
  • How should I prepare for the weekly course?
    It is highly recommended that you read each functional area before you attend the weekly sessions. This will give you an opportunity to prepare any questions ahead of time that you may want to ask.
  • If I apply a discount code for the a la carte services, does it only cover the one hour that I paid for?
    Yes, the coupon codes are for the listed services. If you book an a la carte service and your session runs over an hour, you will be charged for an additional hour at the discounted rate.
  • Can more than one coupon code be used for a class?
    Unfortunately only one coupon code can be used. The system does not allow for two codes to be entered at the same time. So you will need to decide which you would like to use if more than one is being offered.
  • How will I know when I am ready to take the exam?
    Great question! If you are taking multiple practice test, and you are scoring at least 80% on the test consistently, then you are ready to take your exam. Don't second guess yourself. Be confident and go in there and earn your certification!
  • What if I need additional help on the areas that are my weakest while attending the course?
    The instructor is available to answer any questions that you have while taking the course. You can email at, or text or call at 214-577-2525 with your questions. You must be a current participant or have recently taken the course for this service.
  • How do I notify the instructor if I will be late for my class session?
    If you have a scheduled class with the instructor and will be running late, you are required to notify the instructor at least two (2) hours prior to the start of class by sending an email to or via text at 214-577-2525. All classes will start promptly at the scheduled start time. If you do not show up within 7 minutes after the start time, the class will be cancelled immediately.
  • Should I only use one study material for the course?
    It is recommended that you use multiple sources for your study materials. In addition, YouTube is a great resource if you need a quick reference of materials. Also downloading several apps such as Pocket Prep and Quizlet gives additional study material that is helpful.
  • What if I miss a scheduled class during the six-week course?
    You will need to notify the instructor at that you will not be able to attend the regularly scheduled class at least 24 hours prior to the start of class. You can then request a one-on one with the instructor, based upon availability, for up to one hour at no cost to go over the material that you missed for that class.
  • If I miss my 1:1 class with the instructor, will I be required to pay for the class again?
    If you miss your 1:1 and fail to notify the instructor once the class has started, you will have 24 hours to rebook the course at no cost. You will be expected to send an email to the instructor, call or text at 214-577-2525 as soon as possible in order to get a discount code to enter at checkout. If you fail to book the class within 24 hours and do not notify the instructor, you will be required to pay for a new class. All 1:1's are based upon instructor availability so please be courteous and notify the instructor that you will not be able to attend, so that the time slot can open up for others who may want to book a session.
  • Will I receive a refund if the instructor cancels a live-course?
    If the instructor cancels the course and no other course option is available, you will receive a refund. If another course is offered, no refund is available.
  • Why can't I print out or download the practice test questions?
    Due to test being copyrighted material, you are not able to print out nor download the test materials at this time.
  • What is the refund policy?
    All fees are non-refundable. If you choose not to take the course that has been booked, you can apply your funds to another class or any of the a la carte services. There are NO exceptions to this policy.
  • If I do not pass the exam and want to take the course again or focus on specific functional areas only, would I have to pay full price?
    If you have taken the course and did not pass the exam and wish to take the course again, you will receive a 20% discount off the full course. This does not apply to the a la carte instruction. The instructor has to schedule this time based upon availability which may cause an interruption with other classes. If you wish to focus on a specific functional area, you can sign up for the A la Carte services. This will only be for one hour, no exceptions, so please come prepared with any specific areas you would like to cover during this time.
  • If the instructor needs to reschedule a scheduled training session, how will I be notified?
    If the instructor needs to reschedule a training session, you will be notified by email or text message. So please make sure your email and phone number you registered with is one that you have access to.
  • How do I let the instructor know if I pass or fail the exam?
    You may email the instructor at I would love to know if you have passed or failed your exam. If the latter, let's see what we can do to get you certified the next time.
  • Is there an option for a payment plan for the course?
    At this time, there are no payment plan options for the course. However, if you need additional time to pay for the course, please reach out to the instructor at to discuss options.
  • Am I guaranteed to pass the HR exam if I take this HR Certification Prep Course?
    Unfortunately, this course does not guarantee that you will pass the HRCI or SHRM exam. However, if you put in the time to study, take this course and understand the concepts and how to apply them, then your chances of passing are much higher. The instructor is there to provide support during the course, after the course and up to the time you take your exam if you need it. Don't worry, you got this!
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