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HR Talk!

The Effects of Bad Managers! Not good.

Bad managers can have a negative influence in ways that are counterproductive in the workplace. Instead of inspiring their employees, they instead will demoralize and abuse their power in any way possible. This behavior creates a toxic work environment, increase in turnover, lower productivity, and of course, lowers morale.

Did you know that micromanagement is one of the most often cited characteristics of bad management? Why don’t managers trust their employees to get their work done without dictating every part of their work processes? If a manager gives their employees autonomy and a little bit of space, the employees just may meet or exceed expectations. Another characteristic of bad management is (you didn’t think this was possible) lack of empathy. This is probably the worst trait of all. Any manager who fails to acknowledge or recognize the feelings of their employees would not think twice about behaving in an inappropriate manner.

The list can go on about the traits of bad managers, but there is hope. Self-awareness and self-improvement are keys to correcting this type of behavior. The manager can identify and own up to their flaws and weaknesses. Then, take steps to improve. However, if a manager is not willing to change, then it is time to make some changes. Exit here please!


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