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HR Talk!

My Time Is Valuable, So Please Don't Waste It!

You apply for a job that really piques your interest. After a few weeks, you get a call from a recruiter wanting to speak with you about this potential opportunity. The 45-to-60-minute conversation is going great with the recruiter, you are liking what you hear and then, the dreaded question of “What is your salary expectation?” is asked. You are hesitant to respond because you don’t want to give a salary that is out of the salary range thus, ruling yourself out of the possibility of moving to the next steps in the process and, you don’t want to say anything too low for fear that they will hire you for a “cheaper price.”

So, you think for a few seconds and go with what you have determined your compensation value is and then, the recruiter says either, “Do you have any flexibility with that salary?” or “I’m sorry, our range is this.”, which is much lower than what you would even consider settling for. You sit in silence for a few seconds and begin to say to yourself: “Why didn’t they just post the salary in the job posting before wasting my time?” “Do I want to accept this role with a lower paying salary so I can get my foot in the door?” “Should I kindly withdraw my candidacy because I know my worth?”

NO candidate should have to ponder if they should take a lesser paying role because the employer

refused to list the salary or salary range for the position in their job posting. Pay is one of the top

reasons that candidates accept a job offer coupled with other benefits and perks. An employer should not want to miss out on getting candidates and paying a fair and equitable or top salary for the most qualified candidate simply because they have no pay transparency… PERIOD!


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