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AI. Will it have a positive or negative impact on the human element of Human Resources?

Artificial Intelligence (AI), used to be a thing in movies from the past. Well, it has made its way to becoming a reality. AI is transforming how everyone works in specialized areas to include Human Resources. Back when HR used to be called the "Personnel Department", shows just how far HR has evolved over the years. Professionals in HR are now wondering how AI will be beneficial or potentially harmful to the HR Department. It is believed that Artificial Intelligence will assist HR teams to be more informed and efficient. I'm sure you are asking how this will happen. Well, it has been said that AI can add immediate value to several functions within HR.

1) helping companies find the right talent by analyzing resumes and matching them with job descriptions.

2) track an employee's performance during the year by analyzing completed task, peer feedback and any project involvement by the employee.

3) provide assistance with the onboarding/offboarding process by introducing the new employee to company policies, set up training, and explains all forms to be completed by the new hire.

4) analyzing data such as current workforce skills, industry trends and organizational growth plans. 5) serve as a HR virtual assistant 24/7. Employees would be able to ask the assistant questions about benefits, leave policies, and much more.

AI ultimately can provide ways to boost everyday HR tasks by making them more effective and efficient. It should be used to ease the workload of HR professionals while enhancing the overall employee experience, which will give the HR role even more value in the overall business. I don't know about you, but I'm curious to see how this will play out in the very near future.


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